Frequently Asked Questions :)

How Does This Work?

Select Country code
Enter Phone number
Type Message
Press Send button

A new conversation will be initiated on your Whatsapp App.

Is This Service Free Of Charge?

Yes! We plan to make some passive income through advertisements to sustain this service.

Does It Support WhatsApp Business ?

Yes! it support both WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business.

Is There an App For This?

Yes and No. You will not be able to find this app on the appstore or playstore. However this is a web app which you can add to your phone/computer via the following instructions:


   Add to home screen


   Tap     then 'Add to Home Screen

Computer / Laptop:

   Press Ctrl + D

In How Many Countries It available and support?

Now is serving worldwide, and support all contries and all language keyboards.

Do We Collect Numbers, Messages & any other User Data?

Nope, we honestly do not store or collect any User related data. You can review our source code if you want :)

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