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Send Direct Message on WhatsApp without Saving number via

Yes! Iamsendy solved your all problem. Iamsendy is helps you to send Direct message on Whatsapp without saving number. We facilitate you with this effortless Life Changing Tool in free of charge. Sometime we have to send some messages on WhatsApp to many unknown peoples or even our customers or clients. So first we have to add contact in our mobile Phone than we are able to send message on Whatsapp. And this saving contact is very irritating or time consuming work. That why we build Iamsendy to help all people who suffering with this big problem.

Iamsendy Offers you :)

• Send direct WhatsApp message

• Free of Charge

• Unlimited Messages

• Trending Messages

• Easy to Use

• Free International Messages

• Save Mobile Space

• Save Time

• 24*7 Customer Support

• Available in 100+ Countries

• Support all Languages Keyboards

• Guide Available

• Country Codes

• WhatsApp Status Download

How Iamsendy does actually works? works with WhatsApp API, which is only provides its API to businesses. This WhatsApp API is not available for every user but we did it possible for all users in the world through our platform We are continuously working to make people life easy and better than before.

Follow Instructions to Use

• Select Country Codes

• Enter Phone Number

• Type Your Message

• Click on Send Button

A new conversation will be initiated on your Whatsapp App.

We are available in Countries:

• United States

• France

• United Kingdom

• India

• Russia

• Albania

• Canada

• Malaysia

• Thailand

• Indonesia

• Australia

• Singapore

• Mexico

• Armenia

• Italy

• Japan, etc.

We are serving Worldwide in many Countries from past many Years with our Parent Company Xtream Coder. We always work to make life better than before with some technology & Innovation.

We are avilable on Every Search Engine in the World

• Google

• Bing

• Yahoo

• Brave

• DuckDuckGo



• Excite

• Yendex

• Lycos

• Ecosia

We believe to available everywhere and everytime :) Keep helping us to grow by using our Platforms :)

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Frequentely Asked Questions :)

Select Country code
Enter Phone number
Type Message
Press Send button

A new conversation will be initiated on your Whatsapp App.

Yes! We plan to make some passive income through advertisements to sustain this service.

Yes! it support both WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business.

Yes and No. You will not be able to find this app on the App Store or Play Store. However this is a web app which you can add to your phone/computer via these following instructions:


   Add to home screen


   Tap     then 'Add to Home Screen

Computer / Laptop:

   Press Ctrl + D

Now is serving worldwide, and support all contries and all language keyboards.

Nope, we honestly do not store or collect any User related data. You can review our source code if you want :)

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